Vibbek AG – visionary and perfectionist fans of technology

Payment terminals are our daily bread and butter whilst also being our great passion. We are a young start-up company founded in mid-2012, and we develop and operate our private-cloud-based payment terminal software VCT.


We are driven by a fascination for the latest technologies and our passion for everything we do. Our success: By the end of June 2016, more than 10.000 VCT installations were already successfully in use in Switzerland, UK and Belgium. Together with our renowned partners, we are continuing to push our expansion forward.



It's good to meet expectations, but Vibbek exceeds them.


Exceeding expectations – our values

The following are our core values, which we pursue in order to inspire even more customers every day in a growing market, and to continue to truly enjoy our work:


Reliable – as a reliable partner, we at Vibbek AG keep to our word. Reliability is an essential component of processing payments, and we also accept no compromises when it comes to the reliability of our service. The things that drive us include fulfilling contracts and using maximum effort to ensure fruitful collaboration.


Based on partnership – a complex environment requires loyal and strong partners. So, just as we at Vibbek AG rely on partnership, we too act as a partner to others. It is only possible to implement large-scale projects on the basis of intensive and trust-based collaboration.


Transparent – at Vibbek AG, we communicate with our employees, partners and customers in an open, clear and honest way. This type of communication creates trust and avoids misunderstandings.


The Vibbek vision

It's undeniable that the future belongs to cashless payment. With our software solution, we are making a decisive contribution to simplifying cashless payment.


Our objectives:


• Being a leader of technology in the area of terminal software in 5 years' time.


• Taking a key role in shaping the EFT terminal market in Switzerland and Europe.


• Our "Software as a Service" business model being established, successful and profitable.


Why Vibbek is the right partner for you

It's difficult to make the right choice when it comes to terminal payment software solutions. With Vibbek, you have a partner you can trust. What sets us apart from our competitors? Our high level of flexibility due to lean processes, our unrivalled speed and our uncompromising quality standards. Equipped with sufficient financial resources, we implement projects efficiently, react incredibly quickly to new developments, and increase your value creation.


The individuals driving Vibbek

Stefan Köhler founded Vibbek AG in 2012, with the conviction that the payment market is ready for a terminal payment solution based on state-of-the-art technology. Industry insider Mario Angelsberger became the second member of this power management pair in April 2013.


Stefan Intemann, Chief Executive Officer

"Vibbek has all the ingredients I want in a company. Capable people, visions and a versatile product. These form the best basis for successful growth. I am happy to be part of the team with which we are taking Vibbek into a new era."


Stefan Köhler, Chief Technology Officer

"I'm fascinated by this solution. It is technically and functionally leading in its field, and we have realised it together with our fantastic team of developers at Vibbek. Working in this team, which is professional and passionate in equal part, makes every day a joy."


Mario Angelsberger, Chief Sales Officer

"As a young company, we have launched a product that already enjoys a high level of acceptance in the market. Almost every day, people who start off as sceptics become enthusiastic fans, truly fascinated by the product."


The Vibbek developers – a dream team

You can make every developer's dream come true: start in a greenfield setting and program for all you're worth. VCT software contains a great deal of expertise, commitment, ingenuity and pioneering spirit. That's because, ultimately, we want the solution to be 100% reliable, secure and fast. Between them, our team of developers has over 100 years of experience in the payments sector. They are exclusively technical experts trained in terminal software development with extensive market, industry and project experience. External advisers and well-versed experts are called in on a project-specific basis.


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