THE software solution for your point of sale

Tomorrow's terminal payment solution is already today's reality. Simplify your processes and save on costs with this leading, hyper-flexible, extremely secure and globally applicable private-cloud-based software solution – a truly extraordinary development.

The Vibbek Terminal-Solution in a shortfilm

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Your 3 key advantages

VCT – the leading technological software for payment terminals from Vibbek gives you benefits that you'll come to rely on:


  1. Enormous saving potential due to simplified processes
  2. A multinational and flexible payment solution
  3. Not hardware-dependent

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Who benefits?

The Vibbek software solution is of particular interest to banks and acquirers, producers of payment devices, complete solution suppliers and companies with a high number of payment stations as well as retail dealers, branch organisations and public transportation services.



"Overnight rescue"

"Our Chinese tourists buy high-price items from us, and all pay using China UnionPay (CUP). If cashless payment using the only credit card organisation in China doesn't work for technical reasons, it's fatal for our business. By chance, Stefan Köhler from Vibbek was with us as a guest on this particularly day to introduce their solution. At 4pm that day, he explained the problem to the Vibbek developer team by phone, and the system was running again by 9 am the next day. We were extremely impressed by this overnight support, particularly as it prevented losses in sales."

Daniel Anders, COO, Aduno Group

Partnerships or win-win outcomes

Vibbek AG lives by and maintains partnerships. That's because we’re convinced that positive collaboration means we achieve goals more quickly, directly and sustainably.

We're always open to new partnerships – let's talk about synergies.

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